About Digital Bill Folders

Digital Bill Folders is an affordable, patented, South African advertising platform which has innovated traditional bill folders, that are used to deliver bills to customers in restaurants, hotels & pubs. The platform conforms to Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising medium.

The folders showcase up to ten high resolution video adverts per folder.
Adverts are scheduled to rotate & play (From start) each time a customer opens the folder, so all ads are flighted in a scheduled sequence.

We also supply Digital Advertising Table Toppers that serve as Charging Docks for Mobile Phones. Click here for more info.

For Advertisers & Media Agencies

Advertisers have the opportunity place their brands, services or product messages in front of consumers in a one-one-one, captive environment - with options of targeting higher income audiences by venue, shopping centre, area or region, at a national or international level.
Ads are distributed securely via Wi-Fi from a central management system, with detailed reporting on views, duration, frequency & impressions.

Benefits & Features

  • Lower cost of advert production
  • Targeted, captive audience in a relaxed state
  • Personal one-on-one, marketing touch point
  • Choice of specific locations & audiences placements
  • Options to tailor contextual content that’s relevant to the customer, site/environment.
  • Single or multiple placements
  • Managed, remote, targeted distribution of ads via Wi-Fi
  • Shorter lead times for placements
  • Measurable, reliable reporting (By location, day, week, month)
  • Exportable campaign data for ROI analysis & future planning
  • Additional customisation with immediate call to action options for the viewer
  • Optional branding of the folders themselves is also available
  • Option to make ads more interactive & engaging